Dental bridges

Dental bridges

All teeth in the mouth are important to be able to talk, eat and maintain a healthy alignment between them. Dental losses can occur for a variety of reasons and must be replaced to maintain mouth function. There are interesting solutions to replace missing teeth.

One of these solutions may be the installation of a dental bridge. This type of restoration consists of artificial teeth that attach to natural teeth adjacent to one or more missing teeth.

Types of bridges

Bridges can be fixed or they can also be removable.

Fixed bridges can be placed directly on the teeth adjacent to the edentulous space with crowns or they can be glued to the same adjacent teeth. Removable bridges are attached to the teeth using metal rings or precise attachments.

Their functions

Dental bridges are very useful for maintaining mouth functioning and preventing a missing tooth from affecting your appearance too much. The teeth play a very important role in the support of the lips and cheeks, so that a toothless space will have a sagging effect in these areas and will give you an older appearance. Missing teeth can also cause speech disorders since they play a role in the pronunciation of sounds.

The materials

Dental bridges can be made from gold alloys, non-precious metals, porcelain or a combination of these materials. Once the bridge is installed, it is very important to maintain excellent dental hygiene since the effectiveness of a bridge depends on the teeth and tissues around.